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G-City (G市, G Shi) is a large city situated on Earth.


Council of Swordmasters Headquarters[]

A place where swordmasters gather to discuss issues of concern and practice their swordsmanship.[1]




Hero Association Saga[]

Sea Monster Arc[]

The city first appears while Lady Shibabawa is predicting the future for the next half year, she foresees that the greatest catastrophe of the era is about to strike and leaves a message that says "The Earth is in danger".[2]

Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Kamikaze attends a meeting of the Council of Swordmasters in G-City. At the meeting he asks his fellow council members for help in catching and killing Garou, in worries that Bang might fail. The council members agree, except Haragiri who mocks Atomic Samurai's plea. Haragiri proceeds to show them the Monster Cells and reveals he had received them from the Monster Association, then transforms into a Mysterious Being himself. Haragiri then orders the other to either eat the cells or die, but Atomic Samurai cuts him first, killing him.


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