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Frank (フランク, Furanku) is a hunter and an acquaintance of Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.


Frank Scar

Frank's scarred arm

Frank is an older man with squinted eyes, a large nose and some stubble around his mouth. He has very prominent eyebrows that are much darker in color than his gray hair, which stands up on end and is held in place by a white bandanna.


Frank appears to be a fairly friendly and welcoming man as he thinks little of keeping Sonic with him. He also appears to be rather wise, demonstrated when he explains to Sonic that he must confront and overcome his fears.

Apperances in Other MediaEdit


The Ninja Who is Too ComplicatedEdit

Sonic at camp

Frank and Sonic talk about Ino

Frank is seen accompanying Sonic to overcome his fear of Saitama. Later, Frank tells Sonic about a bear that he confronted in the mountains many years ago. Frank then shows Sonic the scar that it gave him and explains that he must hunt it down and finish it off, just as Sonic must defeat Saitama. When Sonic finishes his training he leaves Ino in his care. Later, when the Bear does show, Frank is nearly killed by it until Saitama suddenly appears, killing the Bear and taking its meat for a meal.[1]


  • At first Sonic thought his name was Matagi (又鬼), which means animal hunter, but is later corrected.


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