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The Forest King (森林王, Shinrin-ō) was a mysterious being who ruled over the Forest Tribe and wanted to return the lost greenery to Earth at the cost of the humans inhabiting it. He was killed by Genos.[1]


The Forest King was a large and monstrous-looking tree creature, standing several stories high and had what appeared to be another face in his abdomen and several thick branches covering his body that acted as his limbs. His own face sported five pitch-black eyes and a mouth full of hole-like openings.[2]


The Forest King saw humans as nothing more than mere fertilizer that his kind needed in order to carry on his scheme of returning the lost greenery to Earth.[2]


Neo Heroes Saga[]

Neo Heroes Introduction Arc[]

After four heroes of the Hero Association fought and harmed his followers, the Forest King himself confronts the heroes and easily defeats and captures them. As he is about to feed them as fertilizer to his kind, another hero appears, annihilates his entire army, and then proceeds to defeat the Forest King himself.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

The Forest King could single-handedly defeat four professional heroes of the Hero Association with little to no effort, with the heroes being impotent against him.[2]

Physical Abilities[]

Immense Strength: The Forest King could use his branches to easily crush anything in his grasp with great force.

Immense Durability: The Forest King could endure the attacks of an A-Class hero without sustaining any damage.



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