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Flight is the ability to fly without external influence.


There are various methods used to achieve flight. The most common and natural method is by the use of wings, as seen with Melzargard. Users of Psychokinesis can use their psychic abilities to fly as well.

Some individuals' abilities give them the illusion of flight. For instance, Saitama's strength allows him to jump extremely high and stay in the air for long periods.

List of Known Users[]

Name Affiliation Status
Autumn Phantom Red Golden-ringed Dragonfly Unaffiliated Unknown
170,000-Year-Old Cicada Adult Mother Earth Deceased †
Boros (via Energy Projection) Dark Matter Thieves Deceased †
Brave Giant Child Emperor (Hero Association) Destroyed †
Bug God (via Transformation) Monster Association Deceased †
Butterfly DX Hero Association Alive
Carnage Kabuto House of Evolution Deceased †
Child Emperor (via Backpack) Hero Association Unknown
Drive Knight (via Tactical Transformation: Flying Chariot) Hero Association Alive
Eagle Skyfolk Deceased †
Evil Eye (via Psychokinesis) Monster Association Deceased †
Falcon Skyfolk Deceased †
Fubuki (via Psychokinesis) Hero Association Alive
Genos Hero Association/Saitama Group Alive
Giant Crow Unaffiliated Deceased †
Gyoro Gyoro (via Psychokinesis) Monster Association Deceased †
Hawk Skyfolk Deceased †
Kite Skyfolk Deceased †
Lord of Mountains Unaffiliated Deceased †
Melzargard Dark Matter Thieves Deceased †
Metal Knight Unit Bofoi (Hero Association) Destroyed †
Mosquito Mosquito Girl (House of Evolution) Deceased †
Mosquito Girl House of Evolution Unknown
Orochi Monster Association Unknown
Phoenix Man Monster Association Alive
Psykos (via Psychokinesis) Monster Association (God) Alive
Pureblood Monster Association Deceased †
Sky King Skyfolk Deceased †
Tatsumaki (via Psychokinesis) Hero Association Alive
The Three Crows Monster Association Deceased †
Vaccine Man Mother Earth Deceased †
The following section contains webcomic spoilers.
Aggregation Unaffiliated Deceased †
Cruel Dragon Unaffiliated Deceased †
Garou Unaffiliated Alive
Blue Neo Heroes Alive

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