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Flight is the ability to fly without external influence.


There are various methods used to achieve flight. The most common and natural method is by the use of wings, as seen with Melzargard. Users of psychokinesis can use their psychic abilities to fly as well.

Some individuals' abilities give them the illusion of flight. For instance, Saitama can jump extremely high and stay in the air for long periods.

List of Known Users Edit

Name Affiliation Status
TatsumakiHero AssociationActive
Child EmperorHero AssociationActive
Butterfly DXHero AssociationActive
Phoenix ManMonster AssociationDeceased †
Vaccine ManMother EarthDeceased †
Mosquito GirlHouse of EvolutionDeceased †
Carnage KabutoHouse of EvolutionDeceased †
Sky KingSkyfolkDeceased †
KiteSkyfolkDeceased †
FalconSkyfolkDeceased †
HawkSkyfolkDeceased †
EagleSkyfolkDeceased †
MelzalgaldDark Matter ThievesDeceased †
The Three CrowsMonster AssociationDeceased †
Giant CrowNoneDeceased †
170,000-Year Magicicada AdultNoneDeceased †
Bug GodMonster AssociationDeceased †
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