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Fire Manipulation is the ability to generate and control flames to the users will whether through artificial or natural means.

Overview Edit

This is a rather rare ability, as only a select few mysterious beings, Blue Fire and Genos possess this ability. The potency of the flames created can be very high, as Genos is able to create flames that can blow up stone cliff-faces and a large chunk of a mountain’s top, and Orochi's flames are hot enough to melt stone and force Gyoro Gyoro to create a psychic barrier for protection.  

Oftentimes, the ability to control fire is gained through monsterfication, although it is also possible to attain it through the use of mechanical parts, as seen with Genos and Blue Fire.  

The most advanced user of this ability is shown to be resurrected Phoenix Man, as seen when he was able to light his entire body on fire.  

List of Known Users Edit

Name Affiliation Status
Blue Fire (via flamethrower)Hero AssociationAlive
Drive KnightHero AssociationAlive
EnjoeThe Mediocre Ability UsersAlive
GenosHero Association
Saitama Group
Hellfire FlameMonster AssociationAlive
OrochiMonster AssociationDeceased †
Phoenix ManMonster AssociationDeceased †
Vacuuma (through his Digestive Assimilation)Monster AssociationDeceased †
Several unnamed monstersMonster AssociationDeceased †
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