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Wanna eat people! Wanna eat people!!
— Fighting Bull-Frog's desire to eat humans[1]

Fighting Bull-Frog (闘牛ガエル, Tōgyū gaeru; Viz: Bullfight Frog) was a Mysterious Being. It is implied that it was killed by Sneck.[2]


Fighting Bull-Frog had the appearance of a giant frog with sharp teeth and horns. Fighting Bull-Frog also had a spikes on his back and a piercing in his nose.


Fighting Bull-Frog appeared from underground, declaring a desire to eat humans, but was quickly challenged by Sneck and presumably defeated.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Tiger-level threat, it can be presumed that Fighting Bull-Frog was a relatively strong monster, enough to threaten the lives of many people. However; it is implied that the A-Class hero Sneck was able to defeat it.

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: Fighting Bull-Frog was strong enough to dig through concrete.[3]


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