Face Ripper (カオハギ, Kaohagi) was a Demon-level mysterious being and a member of the Monster Association.


Face Ripper has the appearance of a large humanoid monster with stitched faces covering his entire body. He has black sclera and a sinister smile.


Face Ripper is a sadistic monster, taking pleasure in taking people's faces. He is also quite arrogant, boasting about his abilities and taunting Genos.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Raid ArcEdit

Face Rippers Death

Genos incinerates Face Ripper from inside out

Face Ripper appeared in C-City, attacking the citizens. While attacking a civilian, he was struck by Genos' Incineration's, but managed to block them with his knives. Face Ripper was excited to meet the S-Class hero and immediately tries to slice off Genos' face.[1]

During their fight he managed to chip away parts of Genos' arm. While taunting him, he attacks Genos' head, laughing maniacally only to realize his knives have shattered. Genos then grabs Face Rippers face and incinerates him, killing the monster.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Face Rippers Knives

Face Ripper's two large knives

As a Demon-level Mysterious Being of the Monster Association, Face Ripper was an extremely powerful being and was also able to fight Genos, an S-Class hero, for a considerable amount of time, with the latter even admitting himself he was considerably fast and powerful.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: As a Demon-level mysterious being, Face Ripper naturally has impressive strength. He was strong enough to damage Genos' arms with his blades and keep him on guard.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Face Ripper possessed sharp reflexes and noticeable speed, being able to defend himself with his knives from a blast from Genos.[3] He was also able to attack at an incredible speed, which Genos remarked on, and give the hero some trouble.[4]

Fighting StyleEdit

Expert Swordsman: Face Ripper has shown to be a formidable swordsman. His knife attacks are both fast and powerful, giving even S-Class heroes some trouble. He is able to quickly spot when his enemies are vulnerable. However, he was unable to identify his weaknesses, which caused his downfall.[5]


Large Knives: Face Ripper possessed two large butcher knives, which he used during combat and also to peel off the faces of his victims. They are strong enough to manage to shave some Genos' metal arms.[6]


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