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Example (範, Han) is an extra chapter included with Volume 23.


Sweet Mask is observing and critiquing Pig God. After talking to Sweet Mask, Pig God goes to a ramen shop where he finds Saitama eating a giant ramen, while Genos is cheering him on. Pig God then notices a challenge poster and orders 20 cups of explosive ramen. He quickly finishes his meal while Saitama and Genos are left speechless. Pig God then pays for Saitama's meal and tells the shop-owner to not let him know, shortly before leaving. Saitama is still trying to finish his meal while thinking he was provoked by Pig God.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Pig God
  2. Sweet Mask
  3. Saitama
  4. Genos


  • Ekipedia is a subway site in Japan and is also a pun on wikipedia.


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