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Evil Natural Water (エビル天然水, Ebiru Tennensui; Viz: Evil Mineral Water) is a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association accidentally created from Gyoro Gyoro's experiments.

After merging with the ocean, it became known as Evil Ocean Water (エビル海洋水, Ebiru Kaiyō Sui) until it was seemingly destroyed by a punch from Saitama.


Evil Natural Water is a huge mass of water with a pair of eyes floating inside. It can freely change its shape, meaning it has no true state of being. Its eyes grow as it gains more water.

After absorbing the oil of Sludge Jellyfish, it becomes more viscous, able to take on a more globular shape. Then after absorbing massive water from the ocean, it's size dwarves even the tallest of buildings with it's eyes being bigger than a carrier.


Evil Natural Water is said to be the most dangerous member of the Monster Association. It is a mindless monster and hard to control; Psykos secluded it in a vault to control it. It senses hostility towards itself and attacks the hostile entity non-stop. Despite its seemingly mindless nature, it does have some form of thought process, as it knew to absorb the oil in Sludge Jellyfish to resist Child Emperor's freezing attacks.


Evil Natural Water was created by accident through Psykos' experiments. Because they could find no way to control it, it was sealed away in the Monster Association's vault.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Evil Natural Water in its tank

Evil Natural Water is one of the executives shown when Sludge Jellyfish talks about the Monster Association executives.

Sometime during the raid on the Monster Association, Atomic Samurai's disciples and Narinki's Private Squad are held up by a large group of monsters. They proceed to slaughter all of them, but one manages to escape. It is pursued into a large room containing several vaults; and it opens one of them out of desperation. Evil Natural Water comes flowing out of a tank, killing the monster and proceeds to fight the heroes and mercenary. During the battle, Tongara is severely injured by Evil Natural Water but the four briefly manage to escape thanks to Bushidrill destroying the ceiling to the vault, causing it to collapse. The executive monster begins to burst through the cave-in and Tongara, knowing that he can not continue, asks that the three heroes escape while they can. They run off, and Evil Natural Water washes over the mercenary while the Mad Doctor Fish rip him apart.

Later, Child Emperor finds the three disciples lying defeated. Iaian warns Child Emperor that Evil Natural Water is still nearby. The monster fires a sharp burst of water, and Child Emperor narrowly dodges the attack. Child Emperor quickly turns the tables by flash freezing Evil Natural Water using his Block Snowman robot, making the monster unable to shoot its water jets.[1]

Sludge Jellyfish then enters the room, offering to assist Evil Natural Water. Evil Natural Water reaches a water arm at the monster and sucks up the oil in his body, rendering Child Emperor's freezing attacks ineffective. It shoots a jet of water at the hero that pierces his leg and breaks apart his robot.[2]

Evil Natural Water submerging Child Emperor inside its liquid body

Evil Natural Water is later seen engulfing Child Emperor, who frantically resists drowning.[3] Child Emperor is rescued by Tatsumaki's barrier, and Evil Natural Water is buried in the rubble as Tatsumaki uproots the base. It is later seen emerging and fighting Iaian and Atomic Samurai above ground, completely unscathed.[4] As Evil Natural Water is about to kill Iaian after breaking his sword, Superalloy Darkshine arrives and narrowly saves him by shielding him from the monster's deadly water jets using his extraordinarily durable body. Evil Natural Water proceeds to bombard Darkshine with its water jets, only for the S-Class hero to be unscathed. Darkshine then splashes the entirety of it with a single punch, simply expressing his gratitude to Evil Natural Water for giving him a nice shower.

Evil Natural Water and other high-ranked monsters confront King

However; to the shock of Iaian, Evil Natural Water later emerges again unharmed. King soon appears and Evil Natural Water, together with Black Sperm, Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor confront the famous hero. Despite facing King, Evil Natural Water is unable to attack the S-Class hero as he gives off no killing intent, much to Black Sperm's disbelief.

Evil Natural Water emerging from the ocean and capsizing an aircraft carrier

During the confrontation, Garou arrives and, responding to his hostile aura, Evil Natural Water attacks him with two water jets, although the Hero Hunter deflects its attacks and proceeds to disperse it entirely. Soon, Evil Natural Water manages to seep into the sea, and it begins to strengthen even further by merging with the ocean. Its eyes, having grown to colossal sizes, emerge from the water and capsize an aircraft carrier.[5]

Soon, similarly to Elder Centipede's appearance, another monster known as Sage Centipede appears who dubs Evil Natural Water as the incarnation of "Mother Ocean" and calls it Evil Ocean Water. With Evil Ocean Water appearing on land and dwarfing the land itself, it joins Sage Centipede and obeys the latter to a degree as it then attacks Garou together alongside the centipede-like monster.

Evil Natural Water is cut in half by Saitama

Transported to the battlefield by Blast, Saitama immediately makes a beeline for Evil Natural Water, hurtling along the surface of the ocean at incredible speed. With a mighty Serious Punch, Evil Ocean Water is completely and utterly obliterated; punctuated with Saitama grumbling under his breath about being fed up with its watery antics. Upon its defeat, Sage Centipede believes Evil Ocean Water to be dead as its body finally disintegrates.

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Evil Natural Water is eaten by Pig God and digested

After a while, Evil Natural Water collects all of his water droplets into one and reforms, preparing to finish off heroes defeated by Awakened Garou. However, Saitama disperses it into several droplets all across the battlefield with only a single punch. Despite this, Evil Natural Water is still not dead; it later reappears in a smaller form stabbing Air in the throat. Pig God tries swallowing the creature, and it fires its jets in an attempt to escape, causing Pig God to bleed out of holes all over his body. Eventually, Evil Natural Water is digested by him, signifying its permanent death.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a high-ranked member and a Dragon-level threat of the Monster Association, Evil Natural Water is an extremely powerful being. Gyoro Gyoro fears it enough to keep it secluded in a vault, and after being freed it proved to be strong enough to easily defeat three of the top A-Class heroes; Iaian, Bushidrill and Okamaitachi. After merging with the ocean, Evil Natural Water has become immensely more powerful than before and grown massively in size, making it one of the largest monsters in the series.[6]

Physical Abilities[]

Evil Natural Water attacks its foes with high-pressure water jets

Liquid Body: Evil Natural Water's body is made entirely out of water and has no vulnerable internal organs or weak points to target, thus making it almost impossible to deal physical damage to the creature. Being composed of liquid also makes it immune to chemical attacks.

  • Shapeshifting: Due to its entire body being composed of water, Evil Natural Water has great control over its own form.
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It is able to appear as a simple blob of water that can transform into a massive monstrous canine form and can imitate body parts such as jaws,[7] and shape part of itself into a large blade.[8] Tatsumaki's psychokinesis and Saitama's tremendously powerful punches were able to scatter it into many droplets despite this, but in both cases, it survived. Pig God's powerful stomach acids were the only things able to end the life of the Evil Natural Water by dissolving the water, and even then only in a severely weakened state.

  • Symbiosis: Evil Natural Water has demonstrated the ability to cooperate with other aquatic monsters in a symbiotic relationship. Its watery body was able to contain several Mad Doctor Fish who could be launched out of its body as a secondary attack. Iaian noted that they were not much of a problem to deal with.
  • Absorption: Evil Natural Water can absorb liquids that it comes into contact with, increasing its mass and its water jets' destructive capacity and allowing it to alter its composition. It can even steal liquid from other monsters directly such as when it absorbed the oil from Sludge Jellyfish in order to counter Child Emperor's freezing attack.[9] More surprisingly, it is even capable of merging with the ocean itself and growing exceptionally huge in size.[10]
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It appears to be able to absorb moisture from the air as Black Sperm noted the dry air from Evil Natural Water's re-appearance against Garou.[11]

  • High-Speed Jet Streams: Evil Natural Water is capable of firing devastating high-speed jets of water in an instant. The jets of water appear to be significantly faster than bullets, as Iaian, Bushidrill and Okamaitachi had some difficulty dealing with them despite the three possessing superhuman speed and reflexes. They have an even higher penetrating power, able to easily puncture a clean hole through Iaian's katana and pierce Tongara's highly durable armor, as well as Child Emperor's leg. Furthermore, it is noted by Iaian that the more water Evil Natural Water absorbs, the stronger its water jets will become.[12] However; even with multiple jet streams at once, Evil Natural Water was unable to harm Superalloy Darkshine who compared its attacks to a nice shower.[13]
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It was able to sever Sweet Mask's arm off and cut a hole through his chest. The speed of these jet streams is fast and strong enough to overpower even the likes of Atomic Samurai and Pig God.

Evil Natural Water reacts to Tongara's attempt to harm it

Advanced Perception: Evil Natural Water is able to sense and react to hostility towards itself,[14] responding by instantly attacking the hostile entity non-stop. Upon being released by Master Joe, Evil Natural Water immediately followed and continuously attacked the Narinki's Private Squad and Atomic Samurai's disciples as they presumably had such negative feelings in front of it.

Hyper Instincts: While a formless effigy acting purely on animalistic guile, at first glance Evil Natural Water seems like a simpleminded mysterious being. In truth, however, it possesses an underlying intuition to adapt and modify itself along with its approach to a target. An example of this is absorbing the fuel oil from Sludge Jellyfish for the purpose of bypassing being frozen.[9]

Freezing Resistance: After absorbing the oil from Sludge Jellyfish, Evil Natural Water's body has a much lower freezing point than water, allowing it to resist being easily frozen.[9]

Fighting Style[]

Evil Ocean Water: By absorbing huge quantities of water from the ocean, Evil Natural Water increases massively in size.

Evil Natural Water shooting a Ocean Grand Cannon and causing massive destruction

  • Ocean Grand Cannon (海大砲, Umi Taihō; Viz: Sea Cannon): Having become one with the ocean and increased its size enormously, Evil Natural Water is now able to fire devastating water cannons more destructive than ever before. Although similar to High-Speed Jet Streams, these cannons have far more massive amounts of water which can destroy the surrounding land itself. A single shot was able to badly injure even an evolved Garou.[15]

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Evil Natural Water vs. Atomic Samurai's Disciples 114 None Win
Evil Natural Water vs. Child Emperor 121, 122, 123, 130 None Interrupted by Tatsumaki
Monster Association Executives vs. Heroes 139, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154 None Interrupted by Garou
Monster Association Executives vs. Garou 154 None Evil Natural Water survives but is scattered by Garou
Evil Natural Water and Sage Centipede vs. Garou and Metal Bat 156, 157, 158 None Ongoing
Evil Natural Water vs. Saitama 157 None Loss
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Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Evil Natural Water vs. Child Emperor 66, 67, 68 None Win
Tatsumaki vs. Evil Natural Water, Gums, Fuhrer Ugly, Homeless Emperor, Black Sperm, Psykos 71, 72, 73 None Win
Genos vs. Evil Natural Water, Fuhrer Ugly, Gums, Homeless Emperor, Black Sperm, Psykos 71, 72, 73 None Win
King vs. Evil Natural Water, Homeless Emperor, Black Sperm, Psykos 73, 74 None Interrupted by Fubuki and Zombieman
Sweet Mask vs. Evil Natural Water and Black Sperm 75, 78 None Interrupted by Tatsumaki
Evil Natural Water vs. King, Atomic Samurai, Pig God, Child Emperor and Tatsumaki 78, 79 None Loss
Saitama vs. Evil Natural Water 86 None Evil Natural Water is weakened
Pig God and Air vs. Evil Natural Water 95 None Evil Natural Water injures Air but is killed by Pig God


  • "Blub Blub"


  • In the 2017 One Punch Man Halloween cover, Evil Natural Water was included as broth in the teacup in which Gyoro Gyoro is bathing. The scene is a parody of the favorite hobby of Medama-Oyaji, character from the GeGeGe no Kitarō franchise.
  • The characteristic of Evil Natural Water's eyes growing after having absorbed water may be a reference to the eyeball being 98% made of water.
  • The Evil in Evil Natural Water's name may be a pun on the Évian mineral water brand.
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