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Evil Eye (ジャガン, Jagan; Viz: Jagan) was a psychic monster and a member of the Monster Association. He was killed by Tatsumaki.[1]


Evil Eye's body was covered in eyes and he wore a massive cloak over himself. His features were largely obscured within the shadows of his cloak. He was also quite large, towering over Tatsumaki.


Evil Eye's hatred was amplified from the lingering remnants of the implanted monster eyes and was largely motivated by his monstrous instincts. He had great confidence in himself as he took on Tatsumaki one on one.


Evil Eye was a human psychic who was turned into a monster by Gyoro Gyoro as a result of Gyoro Gyoro's experiments. Gyoro Gyoro inserted the eyes of monsters who fell at the hands of heroes into his body to increase his hatred and boost his psychic power.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Evil Eye appearing in the sky

Evil Eye is one of the initial monsters that confront the Hero Association invasion squad, dropping off the sky and being the first to attack the heroes.

He attempts to drop two buildings on the squad, but Tatsumaki stops him by using a barrier.[2] Evil Eye challenges Tatsumaki, even threatening to take her sister's eyes. They both ascend into the air, preparing to fight, and create a tornado in the process, where their unseen battle takes place throughout.[3]

He is later defeated, wrapped up and ultimately turned into nothingness by Tatsumaki.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Evil Eye pulls two apartment buildings off the ground with his psychic powers

Although his disaster level is unknown, Evil Eye was shown to have been an immensely powerful being, demonstrating a prowess comparable to at least a Demon-level threat. His supernatural psychic strength was enough to send many lower-ranked heroes on the invasion squad into a panic. However, the fact that Evil Eye wasn't an executive member of the Monster Association also implies that he wasn't as powerful as the other Dragon-level executives.

With his psychokinetic abilities he was able to rip apart large buildings and toss them in the air, and his psychic clash with Tatsumaki created a tornado in the air. Evil Eye was able to have a brief battle with Tatsumaki, a hero well-known for being capable of annihilating even Dragon-level threats quickly and easily, before being defeated, though Tatsumaki's attitude afterward suggests she wasn't taking the fight seriously at all.

Supernatural Abilities[]

Psychokinesis: Evil Eye was a skilled esper, even as a human. When he became a monster, his abilities were enhanced, being able to lift large buildings and create tornadoes. He also managed to endure Tatsumaki’s unrivaled psychic power for several minutes, albeit she was using only minimal effort the entire time.

Flight: Evil Eye could levitate via psychokinesis.
Psychic Barrier: Like Fubuki and Tatsumaki, Evil Eye could create a force field surrounding him for defensive purposes.[4]

Major Battles[]

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Evil Eye vs. Tatsumaki 96, 97 None Evil Eye is killed


  • Jagan (邪眼) translates to "Evil Eye". It means an ill-wishing look/stare.
  • ONE wanted Evil Eye panels to be personally approved by him.[5]
  • Evil Eye is stronger than Fubuki.[6]
  • ONE sensei wrote "unknown" since Evil Eye is Murata's original character. Its power is multi-building level and its only purpose is to show how strong Tatsumaki is.[7]


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