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"Justice Under Siege" is the twenty second episode of the One-Punch Man anime series and tenth episode of season two.


Saitama loses to King multiple times in a fighting video game. While taking a break, Saitama notices King's Emergency Transmitter. Gyoro Gyoro and Destrochloridium take control of an executive in the Hero Association as they negotiate for monsters and humans to coexist. Destrochloridum then kills an executive, revealing that they were lying and unveil their true plan to the Hero Association: for the heroes to assemble and face the entire Monster Association in an all out battle. Destrochloridum then grabs his pistols to attack the remaining executives, but Superalloy Darkshine arrives and kills Destrochloridum after it fails to take control of Darkshine. Gyoro Gyoro and Orochi hold a meeting for monsters to fight against the heroes, when Orochi notices Awakened Cockroach and eats him due to the latter's loss in battle. Do-S is spared from Orochi when Gyoro Gyoro remarks that she has special abilities. Orochi asks Gyoro Gyoro where Gouketsu is, but Gyoro Gyoro finds out that Gouketsu was killed. Leaks that the Monster Association is going to war with the Hero Association reach the public and rogue monsters. The rogue monsters seek to join the Monster Association, but they are all slain by Saitama, who is late for garbage duty. Garou wakes up from Saitama's kick and sees A Class Hero Death Gatling, but is too tired and goes to a shack to rest, yet Death Gatling notices him. Tareo and his friends find someone in their shack and force Tareo to get that person out. Garou and Tareo meet again, and Garou tells Tareo if he doesn't want anyone to bully him, he should get stronger. Genos gets upgrades from Dr. Kuseno to better handle villains. Death Gatling arrives with his crew (Stinger, Smile Man, Wildhorn, Chain'n'toad, Glasses, Gun Gun, and Shooter) to confront Garou. Garou notices the crew and looks at Tareo's almanac briefly before facing off against the heroes. Loudly proclaiming that after defeating them, he will have beat 100 heroes, Garou lunges at the heroes, but is knocked back and kept unsteady by the barrage of attacks. Noting their teamwork, Garou targets Glasses, the presumed weak link, only to learn that Glasses is ready and able to fight as well. The heroes give the weakening Garou one last chance to surrender.

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Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, the heroes hunting Garou do not receive any further description of their abilities.



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