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"Unparalleled Peril" is the tenth episode of the One-Punch Man anime series.


The Ancient King of the Terror Lizard Clan appears and Tatsumaki is sent to deal with him. After a short quarrel, Tatsumaki sends a meteor from outer space to destroy the monster. At Bang's dojo, Bang tells Saitama and Genos about how his former best student, Garou, went wild and defeated all of his other top students. Suddenly, a Hero Association staff member comes and informs the heroes that an emergency has been declared and all S-Class heroes have been called to a meeting.

S-Class Meeting

Almost all S class heroes at the meeting

At the association, Saitama meets Atomic Samurai, an arrogant S-Class hero, and others (Puri-Puri Prisoner, Metal Bat, Tanktop Master, Flashy Flash, Watchdog Man, Superalloy Darkshine, Pig God, Drive Knight, Zombieman, King, Child Emperor). Sitch, a member of the association, starts the meeting by telling the heroes that the emergency would be perilous and even with their skills, there is no guarantee of survival. Also, the great seer, Madam Shibabawa, had died while becoming agitated and choking on a cough pill because of a coughing fit while predicting the future. Sitch mentions that Shibabawa's predictions have always been 100% accurate, be it monster attacks or natural disasters. Before she died, she left a note, thought to be her greatest prophecy. The note read "The Earth is in trouble", alarming the heroes. He warns the heroes to prepare for a fight in the next 6 months. Just after he says this, the HQ is attacked by Skyfolk, who are quickly slain by Melzargard, a member of the Dark Matter Thieves. An alien spacecraft then proceeds to destroy A-City, causing a large number of casualties. Just as Melzargard is about to kill some civilians, Iaian, a student of Atomic Samurai, arrives and engages him in battle. Saitama encounters the alien ship and advances towards it, avoiding some projectiles thrown at him and damaging the ship.


Boros makes his appearance

Meanwhile, Melzargard proves to be a challenge for Iaian and causes him to lose his left arm before Atomic Samurai intervenes, saving his student from death. Melzargard, however, regenerates and the heroes' attacks seem to cause no damage to him. Then, Metal Bat, Bang and Puri-Puri Prisoner arrive. Puri-Puri Prisoner recalls Deep Sea King's words and enters Dark Angel form and unleashes punches onto Melzargard. Elsewhere, the other S-Class heroes discuss how to bring down the ship. As they offer differing views, Genos notes that Saitama has already entered the ship and has slain a large number of the aliens. He comments that there is no evil that Saitama is unable to defeat. Saitama encounters Groribas, an alien, and manages to destroy him with one punch. Saitama continues to destroy the ship, wondering where the boss might be. At the end, Boros is seen on his throne.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Ancient King (Debut)
  2. Tatsumaki
  3. Bang
  4. Genos
  5. Saitama
  6. Charanko (Debut)
  7. Garou (Silhouette)
  8. Kamikaze (Debut)
  9. Puri-Puri Prisoner
  10. Bad (Debut)
  11. Tanktop Master (Debut)
  12. Flashy Flash (Debut)
  13. Watchdog Man
  14. Superalloy Darkshine (Debut)
  15. Pig God (Debut)
  16. Drive Knight (Debut)
  17. Zombieman (Debut)
  18. King (Debut)
  19. Child Emperor (Debut)
  20. Bearded Worker
  21. Bespectacled Worker
  22. Sitch
  23. Shibabawa (mentioned)
  24. Sky King (Debut)
  25. Eagle (Debut)
  26. Hawk (Debut)
  27. Falcon (Debut)
  28. Kite (Debut)
  29. Melzargard
  30. Iaian (Debut)
  31. Z Branch Operator
  32. Deep Sea King (mentioned)
  33. Groribas (Debut)
  34. Boros (Debut)

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Tatsumaki's scene with the Ancient King is anime original.
  • Garou wasn't shown in the manga, only his name was given.
  • In the anime, Bang calmly told Charanko that Saitama was stronger than him. In the manga, he yelled.
  • Metal Bat and Tatsumaki never got into an argument in the manga.
  • In the anime, Melzargard split the Sky King in half using his arm in the shape of an ax. In the manga, most of his body was obliterated with Melzargard using his arm in the shape of a hammer.
  • The father and son did not exist in the manga. Iaian did not appear to stop Melzargard from killing them. In the manga, Iaian rose out from under the rubble, inspected the surroundings, saw the spaceship, and was then sneak attacked by Melzargard. Aside from the sneak attack, none of this was in the anime.
  • In the anime, Iaian's initial slash was vertical, while in the manga it was horizontal.
  • The anime did not show Iaian's multiple slashes against Melzargard, only showing Melzargard's regeneration. In the anime, Iaian was looking desperate and distressed, and was also sweating a lot wondering if it could be killed. In the manga, Iaian was not sweating, he was calm while wondering whether Melzargard was immortal, which made Iaian suddenly losing an arm much more shocking in the manga.
  • In the anime, Iaian replied very enthusiastically when Atomic Samurai told him to stop bleeding. In the manga, he stuttered and replied softly.
  • In the anime, Prisoner shouted at Melzargard and rushed up to attack him at the front. In the manga, he appeared behind him without warning.
  • The Hero Association base scene with Bearded Worker is anime original.
  • In the manga, Groribas did not jump at Saitama. He stayed on the higher floor to use his acid breath.


  • Groribas gives the episode monologue at the end of the credits.


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