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Energy Projection is the ability to gather energy from inside the body and channel it into a physical form.


How this ability is gained varies, from either harsh training to genetic inheritance, cybernetic implants, or power bestowal from either monster cells or God.

When used, its effects are shown to vary in power depending on how powerful the user is, but they are still nonetheless potent, as seen when Boros' energy wave had the capacity to destroy the surface of the entire planet, or when Suiryu greatly struggled to deflect Choze's energy orb.


List of Known Users[]

Name Affiliation Status
Ancient King Terror Lizard Clan Deceased †
Boros Dark Matter Thieves Deceased †
Brave Giant Child Emperor (Hero Association) Destroyed †
Choze Monster Association Deceased †
Double Hole Hero Association Alive
Drive Knight (via Tactical Transformation: Flying Chariot) Hero Association Alive
Eagle Skyfolk Deceased †
Energiser Unaffiliated Deceased †
Falcon Skyfolk Deceased †
Genos Hero Association (Saitama Group) Alive
G4 The Organization Destroyed †
G5 The Organization (Monster Association) Destroyed †
Gyoro Gyoro Monster Association Destroyed †
Hawk Skyfolk Deceased †
Homeless Emperor Monster Association (God) Deceased †
Kite Skyfolk Deceased †
Orochi Monster Association Unknown
Overgrown Rover Monster Association Alive
Phoenix Man Monster Association Alive
Psykos Monster Association (God) Alive
Sekingar Hero Association Alive
Sky King Skyfolk Deceased †
Vaccine Man Mother Earth Deceased †
The following section contains webcomic spoilers.
Blue Neo Heroes Alive
Mirror The Organization Destroyed


  • Murata has stated that the energy spheres used by Vaccine Man, Homeless Emperor and Choze are the same.[1] Whether this means they can all perform the same technique, or how it is even possible is currently unknown.


  1. One-Punch Man Stream; 24/2/2017

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