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Energiser (エナージラ, Enājira) was a monster located in the uninhabited area in Z-City in the audiobook, "Sonic, becoming Saitama". He was killed by Saitama.[1]


Energiser was confident in its abilities but was still cautious. He recognized that there were beings stronger than himself and would go into hiding to avoid attention.


Energiser was a powerful monster hiding in Z-City’s uninhabited zone. He was discovered by the Hero Association and was targeted for attack.


Sonic, becoming SaitamaEdit

Tornado of Terror and Atomic Samurai are tasked to eliminate Energiser, but Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, disguised as Saitama, encounters the monster first. Sonic struggles to fight the monster. Fortunately for Sonic, Saitama arrived and together they easily defeated the monster.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Energiser fought and would have killed Speed-o'-Sound Sonic had Saitama not intervened.[3]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Durability: Energiser took several of Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's shurikens without taking any damage.[4]

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

Energy Projection: Energiser has the ability to compress and emit energy from his hands. He has limitless energy stock, but he needs time to build energy blasts up.[5]



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