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Electricity Manipulation is the ability to generate and control electricity through natural or artificial means.


It is rather rare for a person to gain this ability. Volten attained this ability by getting struck by lightning as a child, which was amplified by the consumption of a monster cell. The monsters Maiko Plasma and Electric Catfish Man also have this ability. Orochi can use this ability in his final form. Using his electrified batons, Lightning Genji can utilize electricity as well. Genos can use electricity thanks to his cyborg modifications.

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Thanks to the Ninja Village Leader's secret scroll, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is able to utilize an electricity-based technique called Speed of Sound Electric Discharge Fist, which paralyzes the targets when struck.[1]

List of Known Users[]

Name Affiliation Status
Battery Man (via Battery Pack) Hero Association Alive
Brave Giant (via Gigavolt Smash) Child Emperor (Hero Association) Destroyed †
Electric Catfish Man Monster Association Alive
Genos Hero Association (Saitama Group) Alive
Lightning Genji (via Lightning Rods) Hero Association Alive
Lord of Mountains Unaffiliated Deceased †
Maiko Plasma Monster Association Alive
Max (via Lightning Shoes) Hero Association Alive
Orochi Monster Association Unknown
Vacuuma (via Digestive Assimilation) Monster Association Deceased †
Volten Monster Association Unknown
The following section contains webcomic spoilers.
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Unaffiliated Alive
Lightning Demon Unaffiliated Deceased †


  1. One-Punch Man Webcomic; Chapter 132

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