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Earth (地球, Chikyū) is the planet on which most of One-Punch Man takes place.[1] Although the planet largely resembles the real-world Earth, it possesses some distinctive differences.


The Earth, unlike its real-world counterpart, possesses a single super-continent instead of multiple large landmasses. The continent has 26 cities, each identified by a letter of the modern English alphabet.

In addition to the supercontinent covering most of the planet, it possesses smaller islands and landmasses that lie in its immense ocean.[2]

The "seven faced islands" contain potatoes.[3]

In the anime, Earth was shown to have four natural satellites instead of a single moon.[4]


Earth wildlife

Earth's fauna

Humans are the dominant species of Earth. The planet is also home to multiple species of plants and animals. Unclassified creatures are grouped into a category of beings called Mysterious Beings. This category also includes non-human races, such as the Subterranean People, the Skyfolk, the Seafolk, and the Terror Lizard Clan.



One punch man currency

Left: One-Punch Man banknote (top) and Japanese Yen banknote (bottom). Right: The coins are identical to Japanese Yen.

  • The shape of the planet's supercontinent is the same as the Saitama Prefecture in Japan.[5] This is the prefecture that One-Punch Man author ONE was brought up in.[6]
  • The currency of the world is nearly identical to the real-world Japanese yen. The 10,000 yen note (the only banknote shown in the series) features the face of a ball-chinned man (possibly an ancestor of Agoni and the Ball-Chinned Kid) instead of Fukuzawa Yukichi.


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