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This unnamed draper is Saitama's friend and the person that created the latter's hero costume.


The Draper is an old man with thick eyebrows, brown eyes, and a mustache. The top of his head is bald with hair only on the sides and wears a toupée, which he later removes. His attire consist of a blue kimono top, gray pants and sandals.


The Draper is a kind man, who was one of the few people that supported Saitama's dream on becoming a hero, even fixing his torn trousers for free.


Road to HeroEdit

Saitama recieves a tracksuit

The Draper giving Saitama his fixed trousers.

The Draper is visited by one of the stooges of a gang boss to pay up, until Saitama enters the shop. He offers to fix Saitama's trousers and enthusiastically shows his hero costume design to him to which the latter subtly declines. When Saitama is about to leave, the Draper warns him of the increase in crime on the streets. The next day, Saitama picks up his suit and the Draper informs him he will be closing his store, since he cannot afford to pay the fees and interest.


The Draper giving Saitama his original hero suit

When Saitama offers to help him, he gives him direction to the base and as Saitama is leaving, he envisions the perfect hero suit for him. The Draper later finds Saitama on the streets, after being kicked out of his apartment and takes him home, thanking him for protecting his store, but would still be closing it since he was getting old. However, he is able to finish his final masterpiece, which turns out to be Saitama's hero outfit.[1]


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