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Double Hole (ダブルホール, Daburuhōru) is the B-Class Rank 29 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Double Hole is a man with medium long black hair. He has fairly large nostrils covered by a cybernetic nose which extends to cover his cheeks. He wears a red training gi with a red infinity sign on the upper left part of his chest. He has a black belt holding his gi. He walks barefooted.


Very little is known about his personality, but he talked very little during the battle against the Monster Association, indicating a more serious personality.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Double Hole killing monsters

Double Hole killing monsters with his nostril blast

He is one of the heroes recruited to the Monster Association raid's support team.[1] As he and the rest of the heroes are entering the Monster Association headquarters, they are ambushed and he fights the monsters with his fellow heroes.[2]

Nose Attack

Double Hole attacking Rhino Wrestler alongside other heroes

Double Hole is attacked by a primate monster, but he grabs the monster's nostrils with two of his fingers, and twirls him around. He then inhales deeply, and unleashes an energy blast from his cybernetic nose that destroys the primate monster and a few other monsters behind it.[3]

When Rhino Wrestler arrives in the second wave, he stands by as the first few heroes attack,[4] but when Iaian stops Rhino Wrestler in his tracks, he and the the rest of the heroes attack Rhino Wrestler together, with him unleashing an energy blast from his nostrils. However, it does little damage, and Rhino Wrestler ranks the attack a measly 12 points out of 100.[5]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



Double Hole is one of the contestants of the Hero Costume Contest under the entry number 3.[6]


He is one of the heroes sent to fight Vaccine Man, but is defeated. After this event, he was promoted to rank 29.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sekingar stated that Double Hole is a fairly skilled combatant, and is one of many examples showing that capability and ranking of heroes are not necessarily proportional. He was able to dispatch weak many monsters single-handedly with ease, but against Demon-level monsters such as Rhino Wrestler, he is helpless.

Enhanced Strength: Being a B-class hero, it can be assumed that he has fairly good strength. Double Hole has the strength to grab a human-sized monster's nostrils and spin its body around several times in midair.

Enhanced Speed: Being a B-class hero, he has fairly good speed.

Cybernetic Nose: His cybernetic nose can fire energy blasts.


  • His hero name was originally introduced as Double Fall (ダブルフォール, Daburufōru).


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