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Don Pacino (ドン・パチーノ, Don Pachīno) is a C-Class criminal and the head of the Pacino Family.


Don Pacino is a chubby man of shorter stature with a pale complexion. He has brown hair and yellow eyes with bags underneath them. He attire consists of a black suit and pants with a purple shirt and yellow tie. Over his suit he also wears a gray trench coat and hat


Don Pacino is a family-oriented man and would do anything for them. However, he is short-sighted and lacks in perception to not realize that fighting a cyborg like Genos with his guns and men alone is completely futile.

Appearances in Other Media[]


The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor Talker[]

Don Pacino met Genos outside a store with Typhoon Family No. 2 Man and confiscates Genos' keys given by Saitama. Don Pacino promises Genos he will return the keys if he tells what are his connection with the hostage man. After listening to Genos' long story he was shocked to figure out Genos had no connection with the man and only wasted his time. With his family, they unleashed a barrages of bullets, who were ineffective against Genos, only for Genos to incinerate them and saving the man.

Abilities and Powers[]

While he is a dangerous mobster, he is only a C-Class criminal, showing the Hero Association doesn't consider him to be a big threat.


Guns: Don Pacino carries lethal firearms with him, and seem to be able to use them effectively against those he wishes to so.


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