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Doki Doki Sisters (どきどき シスターズ, Dokidoki shisutāzu) is a dating sim game.


Hero Association SagaEdit

King ArcEdit

Doki Doki Sisters was bought by King at a TV-game retail store in M-City.[1] It accompanied him to a public bathroom stall where it laid on the floor for a bit.[2] Later, at King's apartment he managed to start the game and experience the character creation sequence before being interrupted by Saitama. Overcome by embarrassment for playing the game, King promptly shuts the TV off and claims to have mistaken the game for another one.[3]


DDS & Lovit Rabbit swimsuits

The lead character from the game and Lovit Rabbit from the fighting game King and Saitama play, colored from Volume 21

The girls seen in the game has petite, almost child like bodies. Some were wearing bikinis. The main girl on the cover has conspicuously large pigtails.


In a world after the apocalypse, my "sister" and I are the only human survivors. In order to protect us, 299 robot sisters were created in the image of my "sister". Can we escape the ongoing threats and live to witness a new world?[4]


Lightning Max pages: "Let's head to the library, maybe we will find some new information there". We got to the library. Nobody comes here anymore. We can take all the books away and it won't bother anyone. "Come brother, I want to check this out." So I went with my sister. Manga -> 50 Novel -> 51 Newspaper -> 52

Stinger pages: At the same time I grabbed her hand, I heard this disgusting sound, and felt a piercing pain. The bones in my hand shatter into thousand pieces. "I'm sorry brother....It was me, all along!" Immediately after, iron fists come flying towards my face, breaking my jaw. "I won't let you suffer, I will give you a quick death. Farewell, brother". She said that as my vision turns into a sea of red. Back to 1

Genji page: There is no end to this. I decided to dive deep underwater and terminate my robot sister's system functions. I took a deep breath and went under. I cannot hold my breath forever, I need a quick victory...(cut off)

One-Punch Man: Hero Encyclopedia VersionEdit


Read the text in the bottom margin of each page and choose your actions accordingly. Turn to the page number of your choice, wherein new development awaits. A long journey unfold right before your eyes.[5]

Online VersionEdit


Click on the appropriate choice in red to advance to the next scene. The game prevents you from going back to the previous page unless if you start a new game, so make your choices carefully. Progress can be saved and resumed later. The most interesting parts of this game are the various endings - a total of 34, including 30 ordinary endings (5x good, 6x normal, 19x bad) and 4 special endings (true, worst, dream and bug).


  • The game can be bought for 5800 yen.
  • It was noted by King that the voice actress for the main girl sounded boring, but he enjoyed the introduction song.
  • The main girl refers to the player as "Onii-Chan" (big brother).
  • A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure version of this game can be played in the One-Punch Man databook.


  • hdx514 from One Punch-Man subreddit for translating and creating the online playable version.[6]


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