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Disorderly Chaos (混沌のカオス Konton no Kaosu) was a ninja from the Ninja Village. He was from the 21st graduating class like Crazy Mad, and a member of the Heavenly Ninja Party.


Disorderly Chaos was a lean man with long, wild hair that spiked upwards. He wore a black martial arts gi with black boots and gloves. He was equipped with bladed gloves.


Disorderly Chaos graduated from the 21st class of the Ninja Village, known as "Terror." He later joined the Heavenly Ninja Party.


Neo Heroes SagaEdit

Ninjas ArcEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit

Disorderly Chaos was one of the top-ranked ninjas.[1]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

He's fast.

Fighting StyleEdit


Claws: Disorderly Chaos used claws.


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