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Disaster Level (災害レベル, Saigai Reberu) is an extra chapter included with Volume 15.


After Saitama saves a street food vendor from a monster, the vendor thanks Saitama and asks about the disaster levels. Saitama simply doesn't know and instead asks for a baked potato. Shortly after, an alert is announced about a tiger level monster by the name of Black Roast. However, the monster is quickly disposed of by Air and the alert is called off.

Meanwhile, the Surly Brothers defeat a demon level monster and receive a report of a wolf-level threat. The brothers encounter Withered Sprout, a weak looking monster that begs for mercy. Angry Man tries to kill it, but gets frozen by the monster. Soon after Crying Man and Smile Man both get frozen aswell when the monster is revealed to be a dragon-level threat. Saitama later passes by and the monster uses a sneak-attack and freezes Saitama. Saitama easily breaks his glaciers, and attacks him again only to be killed by Saitama's punch, for freezing his potato.

Saitama later meets Genos, who was burning a pile of monster corpses and explains he got damaged by a demon-level monster, but Saitama was simply trying to roast his potato.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Saitama (Cover)
  2. Black Roast (Debut)
  3. Air
  4. Crablante (Cameo)
  5. Deep Sea King (Cameo)
  6. Macho Daikon
  7. Smile Man
  8. Angry Man (Debut)
  9. Crying Man (Debut)
  10. Stinger (Cameo)
  11. Fubuki (Cameo)
  12. Eyelashes (Cameo)
  13. Mountain Ape (Cameo)
  14. Lily (Cameo)
  15. Mumen Rider (Cameo)
  16. Withered Sprout (Debut and Death)
  17. Genos

Chapter Notes Edit

  • The chapter explains the disaster level system and monster ranking.
    • It doesn't explain how strong the average Dragon and God level threats are.
  • This special takes place in between the King Arc and the Garou Introduction Arc, as Saitama is rank 33 at this point.


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