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Destrochloridium (デストロクロリディウム, Desutorokuroridiumu) was a Tiger-level Mysterious Being and a member of the Monster Association. He was killed by Superalloy Darkshine.[1]


Destrochloridium was a small monster with spotted skin and large eyes and lips. He had two antennae on its head. Both his hands were round with no fingers and could transform into drills.


Destrochloridium was a sadistic Mysterious Being who liked to kill humans for fun, as shown when he shoots a Hero Association staff member before apologizing for his lack of self-control. He also appears to have had a desire to increase his power by stealing the body of an S-Class Hero.


Human Monster Saga[]

Monster Association Arc[]

Superalloy Darkshine crushes Destrochloridium.

Destrochloridium takes control of a Hero Association staff member's body and carries an eye of Gyoro Gyoro to the Hero Association executive meeting to deliver a message. During the negotiations, he kills a member of the committee with a pistol.[2]

After Gyoro Gyoro finishes talking and self destructs, Destrochloridium prepares to kill the rest of the executives. Superalloy Darkshine arrives and throws the host body into the wall. Destrochloridium escapes the body and tries to drill into Darkshine's body but is unable to pierce the hero's skin. Darkshine squishes him dead.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

While only a Tiger-level Mysterious Being, Destrochloridium could pose an enormous threat on his own due to both his small size and unique ability, as if he took control of a strong enough body, then he could become more powerful than most other monsters.

Supernatural Abilities[]

Destrochloridium takes control of a Hero Association staff member's body.

Parasitic Mind Control: Destrochloridium could infiltrate a human's brain and control them as the host. It is shown that the controlled human often had Destrochloridium's antenna piercing through their head.[4] A requirement for this ability was that, unlike Do-S, who could control multiple people just by striking them with her whip, Destrochloridium needed to enter his victim's body and manually control them.

Physical Abilities[]

Drill Arms: Destrochloridium had drills for arms that he could use to attack an opponent as well as use as the means to infiltrate a human's body to control it. The parasite notes that its drills are as tough as steel.[5]

Enhanced Speed: He possessed great speed due to his miniature size, as no one noticed him exiting the body of the Hero Association staff member that he was in, after Superalloy Darkshine threw him into the wall. He was even able to appear beneath Darkshine before any else noticed his presence and proceeded to attack the hero in an attempt to take control of his body before anyone could stop him.


  • The name "Destrochloridium" is a play on the word "destroy" and Leucochloridium, which is a type of parasitic worm.


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