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Demonic Fan (扇風鬼, Senpūki; Viz: Demon Fan) was a Demon level Mysterious Being of unknown origin that appears to have been a sentient robotic fan. It was killed by Saitama.[2]


The Demonic Fan was a four-legged, big, metallic structure. Each leg had two joints, similar to a spider's; and at the center of its body ws a giant fan. The fan hasdthree blades and spun at high speeds.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


A New Wind BlowsEdit

After taking out the criminal Banero the Blizzard Group comes across the Mysterious Being Demonic Fan, who completely overwhelms them and their leader Fubuki. Luckily for the Blizzard Group it was quickly destroyed by Blizzard's sister, Tatsumaki who then left the area with her sister. Saitama soon arrives at the scene and asks the only conscious member of the Blizzard Group about the monster. The man reveals that the Demonic Fan has been defeated. However, at that moment the Demonic Fan starts moving and quickly reassembles itself and prepares to attack. Saitama then goes on to face it, but is stopped by the member of the Blizzard Group who warns him not to throw his life away. However, Saitama calmly proceeds to punch the Demonic Fan into smithereens.

Abilities and PowersEdit

It was an incredibly powerful and durable machine of disaster-level Demon, indicating that it was fully capable of destroying a city on its own.[3] It was able to overwhelm the entire Blizzard Group including Fubuki.

Robotic AbilitiesEdit

Air Manipulation: With its large propellers the Demonic Fan could create powerful gusts of wind that could break concrete and even create tornadoes. The strength of the currents generated by it made it impossible to breathe.[1]

Regeneration: It also possessesed the ability to reassemble itself. Even if disassembled completely it would eventually repair itself. It could, however, be defeated if its propeller is destroyed.[3] Despite its abilities, it was no match for Tatsumaki's telepathic powers or Saitama's inhuman strength.


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