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Darkness Dark (暗黒のダーク, Ankoku no Dāku) was a ninja from the Ninja Village. He was a member of the Heavenly Ninja Party.


Darkness Dark concealed his entire body in a black bodysuit with body armor, gloves, boots, and a headband on top. His eyes, the only visible part of his body, had black sclera.


Darkness Dark was from the 35th graduating class, known as "Chosen," and at some point joined the Heavenly Ninja Party.


Neo Heroes SagaEdit

Ninjas ArcEdit

Darkness Dark and the rest of the Heavenly Ninja Party tried to force Speed-o'-Sound Sonic into helping them get revenge on Flashy Flash. Once Sonic met with Flash, however, he turned on them and attacked them all alongside Flash. Darkness Dark and the rest of the ninjas were killed in the battle that ensued.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

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