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The Dark Matter Gunner was an alien and a member of the Dark Matter Thieves and was the gunner of the giant spaceship. He was killed by Sweet Mask.[1]


The Dark Matter Gunner was a fat humanoid creature with pink skin spotted with blue circles. He had two eyes on his face and three tentacles on his head that each contain an eye.


He has a cowardly nature, as when the ship was hit one time, he was already ready to escape. The second time, when Tatsumaki hit the ship with the debris of A-City, he was crying out and when he discovered that Boros' ship's power core was destroyed he was calling out his mama.


Hero Association Saga[]

Alien Conquerors Arc[]

He destroys A-City using the ships firearm.[2] He is shown handling the gunner post. After Geryuganshoop orders him to prepare the cannons for the S-Class fighting Melzargard, he does, but even after not receiving any order to fire, he still decides to fire the bullets. However; the bullets are stopped by Tatsumaki, who sends them back to the ship and he is visibly concerned about it. He is shown again when Tatsumaki throws the city's debris to the ship. Losing his self-control, he is crying upon finding out that Groribas is dead. Later, when the ship's power core is broken, he loses all his hope and is calling out his mama.

In the manga and webcomic, after the ship crashes, he does not show up with the "captured" prisoners by Superalloy Darkshine, thus he presumably died because of the crash. Meanwhile in the anime, he is one of the "captured" prisoners, but is swiftly executed by Sweet Mask shortly later.

Abilities and Powers[]

He could operate most of the cannons in Boros's ship but showed no special abilities.


  • (To himself) "I wanna go home! Mama..."[3]


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