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I'm Dark, an assassination monster. Even though I have become a monster, I have yet to make a name for myself. Just from judging myself, I'd say I'm probably around disaster level "Dragon".
— Dark introducing himself[1]

Dark (ダーク, Dāku) is an assassination Mysterious Being who wishes to become the strongest monster in history. He wants to make a name for himself by assassinating an S-Class hero as his start.[1]


Dark is a humanoid monster and he wears a hooded jacket with a mohawk hairstyle. He has a fit, quite muscular body with two small horns and a spiky on his knees, elbows and shoulders each. He also has pointy ears, a sharp-pointed nose, claws and razor teeth.


Dark is shown to be a very confident individual at first, expressing his clear desire to be the strongest monster in history. However, after meeting Superalloy Darkshine and realizing that he himself is even weaker than his fans, Dark becomes discouraged and decides to live a quiet life.


Dark was originally a human. He was spending his days in the dark, holding nothing but discontent. One day, his body suddenly mutated and he transformed into a monster.[1]

Appearances in Other Media[]


The Strong Among the Ordinary[]

Dark arrives at a venue where an S-Class hero is having a fan meetup, and he plans on disguising himself as one of the fans and striking down the S-Class hero by surprise. Upon arriving, he is asked to get in line among the fans in order to meet the hero. As he opposes, a fan approaches and grabs his arm, with him being unable to break free. Dark is amazed at the fan's strength, who he suspects to be a hero slipped in as a normal human. Another one then comes and also easily restrains him, much to his shock.

As they are revealed to be Superalloy Darkshine's ardent fans, they surround Dark and begin stripping his and their own clothes, exposing their extreme muscular bodies, even more muscular than he himself. He soon meets Superalloy Darkshine and is asked about his favourite animal, with Darkshine making the animal for him with a frying pan. Dark chooses "bunny" and Darkshine then bends a frying pan to make it look like a bunny, before handing it to Dark. After the meeting with Darkshine, Dark is discouraged and flees as Saitama runs into him and asks him whether he is okay.

Abilities and Powers[]

Although he has claimed to be as strong as a Dragon-level threat, Dark is nowhere near that level of strength. This is evidenced by how he was easily overwhelmed by Superalloy Darkshine's ardent fans, who each possess physical abilities that surpass those of average heroes.[1]

Physical Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: After becoming a Mysterious Being, Dark is fairly strong compared to normal humans. He is capable of bending an iron frying pan as if it is paper.[1]


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