Crescent Eyebroll (三日月フトマユゲ, Mikazuki Futomayuge) is an A-Class, Rank 25, professional hero for the Hero Association.


Crescent Eyebroll wears a helmet with a crescent moon on it. His suit also has a crescent symbol on the chest area.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Monster Association ArcEdit

Crescent Sword

Crescent Eyebroll is recruited as one of the heroes to support the S-Class in taking down the Monster Association.[3] He cuts down several monsters and attempts to kill Rhino Wrestler, but fails.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



Crescent Eyebroll is one of the several heroes sent to fight Vaccine Man, only to be effortlessly defeated by the monster.[4]

Abilities & PowersEdit

As one of the lower-ranked A-Class heroes, Crescent Eyebroll is rather skilled.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Swordsman: Crescent Eyebroll is shown to wield a saber sword.[5]

  • Crescent Moon Sweep (三日月連斬, Mikadzuki renzan): He delivers multiple quick slashes to one or a group of targets.[6]


Saber: Crescent Eyebroll wields a crescent shaped saber.[7]



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