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Crazy Mad (狂気のマッド, Kyōki no Maddo) was a ninja from the Ninja Village. He was from the 21st graduating class like Disorderly Chaos, and a member of the Heavenly Ninja Party.



Although little is known about his personality, due to the fact that the name of his class is "Fear", and his name is Crazy Mad, it can be presumed that he enjoys toying with his opponents and instilling them with fear. This is further supported by the fact he uses claws as his main weapons, inferring he enjoys tearing his opponents apart.

Like the rest of the Heavenly Ninja Party, Crazy Mad despises Flashy Flash for destroying the village, showing he respects the village despite all of the harsh training it put him through and possibly the scars they gave him.



Unnamed SagaEdit

Ninjas ArcEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a graduate of the Ninja Village and a member of the Heavenly Ninja Party, Crazy Mad was a very powerful ninja. However, he was still below the likes of Flashy Flash and Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, who killed him during the battle against the Heavenly Ninja Party

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Strength: As a graduate of the Ninja Village, Crazy Mad naturally had impressive physical strength, and given the fact he used his claws as weapons, he was presumably able to tear his enemies to pieces.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: As a graduate of the Ninja Village, Crazy Mad possessed formidable speed and reflexes, being able to trade blows with Flashy Flash during their fight.

Fighting StyleEdit


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