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An apartment where Saitama used to live in. It is owned by the Landlady.


There appears to be eight apartments within the building’s two floors, with four on each floor.


This is the first known apartment Saitama has lived in, before moving to the Saitama's apartment.

According to the Landlady, Fish of Darkness and his goons were the apartment building's main source of income.

At sometime in the past, Saitama had been kicked out of the apartment by the Landlady, since he did not have money to rent it as well as the fact that he had beaten the Fish of Darkness and his goons, her main source of income, for paying the rent. This action angered the old woman and she promptly kicked him out.[1]

After the giant meteor incident, the building was seen undamaged despite the impact of Saitama's punch scattering the meteorite's fragments across most parts of Z-City.[2]

Known Residents[]

Name Position Status
Landlady Owner Active
Saitama Tenant Evicted
Fish of Darkness Tenant Arrested


  • Saitama showed signs of frustration upon realising that this apartment was undamaged after the meteor incident while his favourite supermarket was smashed. This indicates that Saitama dislikes the apartment.[2]


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