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Cow-Cow (カウカウ, Kaukau) is an accomplice of Bull-Bull and works as the driver for their crew, Cow's Stomach.[1]


He is dressed up in a cow uniform.
Cow-Cow 3

Cow-Cow Mask


Cow-Cow respects his boss very much, being afraid of him when things do not go as planned.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


What Can't Be BoughtEdit

Cow-Cow serves the role of the getaway driver in The Cow's Stomach's bank heist, he is shocked when he unwilling surrenders the control of the car.He is later knocked unconscious along with the rest of his gang by Saitama.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Bowie Knife: He carries a bowie knife

Physical AbilitiesEdit

As a distinguished helper for a Class A criminal, we can assume that he is physically superior to a normal human.


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