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"Cow's Stomach" is a feared gang of robbers led by the A-Class bounty villain, Bull-Bull.


Most of the members are unknown, but we do know some:

Name Position Status
Calf-CalfBull-Bull's right hand manActive


Besides some exceptions, all members wear jackets with black and white cow prints on them, a hat with the same print and bull horns sticking out, and goggles. Some exceptions are Calf-Calf, who wears a hood over his head, Cow-Cow, who wears a face mask over his head, and an unknown member with a track suit who uses a bandanna to cover his face.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


What Can't Be BoughtEdit

The gang robs a bank and gets away successfully with a child hostage after defeating Funeral Suspenders and D-Pad, but then their plans are ruined by Saitama, who defeats them all.[1]


  1. One-Punch Man Omake; What Can't Be Bought


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