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The Council of Swordmasters (剣聖会, Kensei-kai; Viz: Holy Order of the Sword) is a group of the most renowned master swordsmen that convenes in times of crisis. According to Haragiri, the council was created to improve the swordsmanship of its members.[1] Nichirin later revealed another important goal of the council is to find the mythical Moon Blade.[2]


Human Monster Saga[]

Super Fight Arc[]

A meeting of the council is called by Atomic Samurai to convince its members to help in defeating Garou. Atomic Samurai worries that despite Bang's strength, he might not be able to bring himself to kill his student. Thus, Atomic Samurai wants to find Garou before Bang and kill him. The council agrees to Atomic Samurai's request, for which he is grateful, but Haragiri reviles his plea and status as a hero. Haragiri reveals the monster cells the Monster Association had given him. As he tells the council about the Monster Association, he transforms into a monster. He orders the others to eat the cells if they want to survive and attacks Atomic Samurai. However, Atomic Samurai quickly slices him into pieces.[3]

Monster Association Arc[]

The Council of Swordmasters, including Nichirin's disciple Spring Mustachio, approach the ruins of the Monster Association headquarters to assist Atomic Samurai and the S-Class heroes in their battle with the monsters.[4]

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Name Position Status
Kamikaze Member Active
Nichirin Member Active
Amahare Member Deceased †
Zanbai Member Deceased †
Haragiri Former Member Left, Deceased †


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