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Cleyopatra (クレヨパトラ, Kureyopatora) is a judge at the Hero Costume Contest. She also owns a beauty salon called "Beautiful Charisma".[1]


Cleyopatra is a young, dark skinned woman with straight black hair that reaches her shoulder and blunt bangs. She has long, black nails, dark lipstick and an upside down triangle on each of her cheeks. She has narrow eyes with long eyelashes and wears dark eye shadow.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit



Cleyopatra is a judge alongside Natalie Ver. 9 and Torajirou at the hero costume contest. She gives Darkness Blade a score of 8, telling him that she likes his face, but that  he is better off not talking. While Saitama was the last contestant, Game-Berus attacked the stadium, defeating all the other heroes that were there. While the monster was about to attack the judges, Saitama steps in and kills it with one punch. In the end she gave him a score of 4.


  • Her character is clearly based off of Cleopatra.


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