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Child Emperor vs. Evil Natural Water is the battle between the S-Class hero Child Emperor and the Monster Association executive Evil Natural Water.


Child Emperor seeing the three defeated disciples

Child Emperor wanders through the headquarters, remarking that Atomic Samurai hasn't contact him again, and that he should meet up with the other heroes after having lost his ultimate weapon. Then, he is shocked when he sees the broken bodies of Atomic Samurai's three disciples. Child Emperor notes that they are all still alive, and Iaian, who is still conscious, warns the hero that the monster who attacked them is still nearby. Child Emperor narrowly dodges one of Evil Natural Water's jet streams, and their battle begins.


Iaian warns Child Emperor that his opponent is a cadre. Despite this, the young hero is not as afraid of this dragon-level monster as he was against Phoenix Man. Evil Natural Water fires more jet streams, but the hero manages to dodge all of them. However, the jet streams had some of the Mad Doctor Fish, which chew on Child Emperor's equipment. The hero shakes off the fish and begins to cut down all of the aquatic creatures while simultaneously analyzing Evil Natural Water's high jet stream shots and symbiotic relationship with the Mad Doctor Fish. He acknowledges the monster's dangerously potent bursts of water, but remains confident because he has a weapon that can deal with the cadre.

Multiple blocks pop out of Child Emperor's backpack and form a large snowman made out of cubes. The hero unleashes Flash Freezing Breath from the snowman's mouth, creating a large gust of cold air that freezes all of Evil Natural Water's jet streams and its entire body. Child Emperor is pleased to see the monster can't regulate its own temperature, and while he admits this was an unusual monster, is nevertheless confident that he put his freezing machine to use.

Child Emperor struggles to find a way to defeat the monster.

However Sludge Jellyfish appears, intent on taking revenge on Child Emperor for burning him. Evil Natural Water then proceeds to drain Sludge Jellyfish's oil which has a lower freezing point than water, enabling him to break free of Child Emperor's trap. Child Emperor is seen wondering how a monster made of water can display such intuition.

Before Child Emperor can do anything, Evil Natural Water lashes out with his jet streams, injuring Child Emperors leg. Evil Natural Water is seen standing menacingly over Child Emperor.

Evil Natural Water attempts to drown Child Emperor. The hero's blood sugar starts to run low as he struggles to find a solution to his perilous situation, noting that drugs don't work on Evil Natural Water and almost all his items are used up.



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