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Chief Kuma's subordinate was an unnamed officer of the Z-City Police Department. He was killed by Surprise-Attack Plum.[1]


The unnamed officer wore a standard police uniform and a police cap.


Although the officer made no appearances in the story, Chief Kuma described him as a funny, enthusiastic, and superb subordinate that always put everything into his work. The officer was also selfless, showing concern for others even as he neared death.[1]

He was also an admirer of heroes.


2 years ago, the officer joined the police force after failing his hero examination.

During the week prior to the events of Pork Cutlet Bowl, the unnamed officer was attacked by Surprise-Attack Plum, who broke every bone in the officer's body. Before he lost consciousness, he was able to describe the appearance of the monster to the other officers over the radio. His final words were, "Be careful, Officer Kuma."


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