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Cherion (チェリオン, Cherion) is a C-Class professional hero of the Hero Association and a member of the boy group Soda Pop Boys.


Cherion is a young man with light colored hair and wears a light colored checkered suit with a white shirt and tie.


Cherion is a very ambitious man, joining the Hero Association only to climb up the latter of fame and overtake Sweet Mask. He is also quite arrogant challenging the A-Class hero.


Cherion has been training for two years and he and another member recently passed the hero exam and were placed in C-Class.


Unnamed SagaEdit

Psychic Sister ArcEdit

Cherion and his group were presented by their manager to Sweet Mask, but he and his group were completely dissed by Sweet Mask, calling them an "ugly imitation" and copycats. This angered Cherion, who tells him he will overtake Sweet Mask and challenges him. Cherion suddenly felt a shivering chill and sees Sweet Mask's weal-like marking on his neck.

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