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"Speedster" (速い奴, Hayai Yatsu, Tonari: 136) is the 95th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Superalloy Darkshine, Crescent Eyebroll and Feather finish off some monsters. Double Hole and Green are administrating some first aid to Needle Star. Sekingar and Child Emperor start to give a speech but is interrupted by Mizuki who, along with Gearsper, is struggling to push Pig God down the stairs to the Monster Association. Kamikaze helps them through and reassures his pupil, Iaian, of his worries.

Meanwhile, Gyoro Gyoro rebukes the monsters that ran away from the initial confrontation with the heroes. Gyoro Gyoro kills the cowardly monsters and feeds them to Orochi. She warns the remaining monsters to not fail her again and she orders them to attack their assigned heroes.

The rest of the S-Class heroes take their routes with Kamikaze's disciples following him. Flashy Flash goes over the information on the transmitter before he is accosted by monsters. They are defeated in an instant but then he runs into Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind. Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind compliment Flash Flash on his speed but he tries to kill them unsuccessfully. They continue to battle all the while Flashy Flash determines who hired them to attack him. Gale Wind asks what if Aburabozu, the king of organ traders, hired him but Flashy Flash denies it saying he already killed him. On top of that, Flashy Flash states he already killed Harold the drug kingpin, heart collector Burigura, phantom thief Chimagusa, the invincible pirate captain Devil Storm and the higher ups of the Coalition of Assassins.

Gale Wind remains uninjured and the trio continue their battle. Gale Wind reveals their motivations to be ruling the world and that ninjas from their Ninja Village will be the most troublesome opponent. Flashy Flash scores a hit on the monsters and tells them to bring out their monster forms. Unperturbed by the reveal, Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame brings out their monster forms. They attack Flashy Flash and reveal their disaster level as dragon.

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