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"Let's Go!" (行くぞ!, Ikuzo!, Tonari: 134) is the 95th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The S-Class are having a meeting discussing the Monster Association and their plan of attack. Sweet Mask barges into the meeting. He is informed by Child Emperor that he is to lead the strike force on the surface to which he disagrees. Instead, he insists that he should lead the S-Class heroes. This antagonizes Tatsumaki, Flashy Flash, and Zombieman. Right before things come to blow, King enters and quells the situation with all their mutual respect for him. Sweet Mask leaves but says that he will be part of the underground strike force.

Sekingar and Sitch are discussing the monster situation and Sitch is surprised that Sekingar is personally heading to the scene as he thought he was only motivated by fame. Sekingar confirms that he is motivated by fame and he believes he will be remembered in history in taking down such a threat. They move down to greet various heroes that arrived by helicopter. Mizuki, Crescent Eyebroll, Needle Star, Gearsper, Narcisstoic, Feather, Jet Nice Guy, One Shotter and various other heroes arrive on scene for a total of 15 heroes. Sitch is informed by staff that Silver Fang arrived. Bang asks for a replacement device for his broken phone. Sitch questions Bang's resolve on capturing Garou. After he leaves, Bomb tells Bang that they suspect him. King enters the same room as Bang and Bomb to hide in. Bang coaxes out information on the rescue operation and they decide to meet up at Saitama's Apartment so they can invade the base on the same route as King. King rejoins the waiting heroes and they leave.

Fubuki walks towards Saitama's apartment while thinking about her situation. She encounters Genos who was thinking over information on his new form. As usual, Genos is less than pleased to see her. They enter Saitama's apartment only to find Saitama missing. Genos finds his hero suit missing and concludes he must have left. Bang, Bomb, and King soon arrive. They decide to have Genos wait for Saitama at his apartment while the rest head towards the raid, much to King's reluctance. The chapter ends with Saitama still exploring the tunnel down the manhole.

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