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"Hot Pot" (鍋, Nabe, Tonari: 130) is the 90th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


In Saitama's apartment, Genos, King, Bang, and Bomb are anxiously waiting for Saitama to return. When Saitama turns up looking dishevelled, they presume that he fought with Garou. Saitama denies it, unaware that he had indeed met Garou and defeated him for the third time. However, he is distressed that he lost his wallet and forgotten the cabbage.

Fubuki shows up with the cabbage, annoyed that Saitama had made her pay for his meal. Meanwhile, Genos detects something approaching fast and sends King to deal with it. The 'monster' is revealed to be Dr. Kuseno, who came in a mechanical suit to check on Genos. Dr. Kuseno introduces himself to Saitama and gifts him high quality meat for hot pot. Saitama instructs Genos to prepare the hot pot before realizing that he would have to share with the other visitors.

Meanwhile, in the Monster Association, Royal Ripper and Bug God try to explain Garou's 'death' to Gyoro Gyoro by putting the blame on Garou and then Gyoro Gyoro. Gyoro Gyoro sees through their antics, but spares them from punishment and tells them to take things seriously as the Hero Association could attack in a few hours. Gyoro Gyoro had captured Child Emperor's scouting robot "Dig Here Woof Woof No. 3"

Many members of the Monster Association are seen preparing, socializing, or otherwise loitering around as they wait for the battle ahead. Tareo, as a prisoner, is put into the same cell as the hostage Waganma. Waganma is confident that his rich status means that the heroes will save him and snobbishly attempts to make Tareo his subordinate. Sludge Jellyfish attempts to scare him by mentioning that the executives are capable of taking on S-class heroes. Meanwhile, Garou awakens in the spot where he was abandoned, and begins to move off.

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Chapter Notes[]

    • In the Volume Release, this chapter was split into two; one in Volume 18 and one in Volume 19. The split chapter in Volume 19 is called "Cabbage Finished" (白菜消滅, Hakusai Shōmetsu, Tonari: 130).

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