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"Because I'm a Monster" (怪人だから, Kaijindakara, Tonari: 131) is the 90th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The Hero Association is about to deploy the S-Class without Watchdog Man, Blast and Metal Knight (With Genos and Bang's whereabouts being currently unknown to them) to deal with the monsters, Tatsumaki threatened Sekingar with getting violent if Fubuki got involved, not wanting to put her in harm's way. Every hero from C-Class to A-Class who's available will be sent to deal with the Monster Association's forces while the S-Class heroes deal with the Dragon-level monsters.

Garou breaks into the facility just in time to save Tareo from Royal Ripper. Despite being stabbed in the gut by the monster, Garou punched Royal Ripper's head off with one blow, killing him in the process, before using the Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist to shred the monster to pieces. He and Tareo then make their escape only to encounter two monsters who were quickly dispatched by Garou. The Hero Hunter devours one of the limbs of the monsters to replenish himself before proceeding with Tareo. As they make their escape, Tareo tells him that there is another child that is in need of rescuing but that's not Garou's concern and he did not come here to save Tareo, either. However, before the two can continue, they are confronted by Overgrown Rover.

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