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"House of Evolution" (進化の家, Shinka no Ie, Tonari: 9) is the ninth chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The chapter opens, detailing Dr. Genus' past, how he had made many contributions to the world with his great intelligence, but had ended up losing his faith in humanity and how he believed that humanity needed to take the next step of their evolution into their own hands. Dr. Genus figured how to make himself young again, learned how to clone himself and began his experimentation to advance evolution, naming his lab the House of Evolution. Saitama interrupts Armored Gorilla at this point in his explanation, so Armored Gorilla tells Saitama and Genos that Dr. Genus has taken an interest in Saitama's body, so they decide to head straight to their base and stop them. As they are about to leave, Armored Gorilla sends a signal to Dr. Genus, who is shocked at the fact that his creations are destroyed, and tells his clones to make preparations to release Carnage Kabuto.

Four hours later, Saitama and Genos are running up a mountainside and arrive at the House of Evolution's base, which Genos promptly decides to destroy, along with part of the mountains in the distance. Saitama notices a hatch on the ground amidst all of the rubble, Saitama rips the hatch open and they decide to go inside. The scene shifts to show one of Dr. Genus' clones extremely frightened, firing a gun, who then gets punched and explodes. The real Dr. Genus then walks into the room and greets Carnage Kabuto, who is surrounded by the dead bodies of clones, Carnage Kabuto casually breaks off his restraints and proclaims himself the "New Human," Dr. Genus then shows him a picture of Saitama and Genos, asking him to get Saitama's body, dead or alive.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Dr. Genus (cover)
  2. Dr. Genus Clones (deaths)
  3. Saitama
  4. Armored Gorilla
  5. Genos
  6. Carnage Kabuto (debut)


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