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"Is it Because I'm Caped Baldy?" (ハゲマントだからか?, Hagemanto dakara ka?, Tonari: 126) is the 85th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The Hero Association staff discuss the recent events. Sitch declares that Garou should be recognized as a Dragon level threat. Some of the staff suggest that Blast should be called, but Stitch explains that the hero acts on his own. Narinki announces his frustration at the Hero Association staff, but Sekingar assures the donator that they will save his son. Sekingar later meets with Superalloy Darkshine, Pig God, and Tatsumaki about preparations and Drive Knight, while Child Emperor works to find the headquarters of the Monster Association. Kamikaze and his disciples finally arrive back to the Hero Association headquarters after a day-long search for the headquarters of the Monster Association. Sweet Mask also arrives and makes clear that he disagrees with Kamikaze's decision to bring the samurai's disciples to the fight. Meanwhile, Puri-Puri Prisoner starts heading towards A-City from Smelly Lid Prison. Child Emperor pleads for Bofoi's participation in the assault against the Monster Association, but Bofoi declines once again much to Child Emperor's displeasure.

Fubuki attempts to rally Saitama and his acquaintances to take the situation more seriously. However, everyone has an excuse to not accompany Fubuki. Saitama leaves to find Garou and buy more cabbage. Narinki orders the Narinki's Private Squad to rescue his son from the Monster Association.

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  • This chapter was moved up to Chapter 86 in the Viz Media Volume Release due to chapter 84 being split into two separate chapters.


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