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"The Cruel Staircase" (過酷な階段, Kakoku na Kaidan, Tonari: 124) is the 83rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Garou and Genos begin trading blows. Garou is unable to find an opportunity to counterattack with Genos in his current state and resorts to using Watchdog Man's fighting style to confuse Genos. Meanwhile, King and Saitama continue to play video games. King receives an alert from the emergency transmitter. King mentions that Genos hasn't been around, and Saitama leaves after starting to feel a bit concerned. Garou manages to detach Genos' arm, but Genos demonstrates the ability to remotely control his arms and launches Garou towards a tree. Genos then wraps Garou in place and proceeds to use his Incineration Cannons. However, Garou manages to split the tree and fall down. The Monster Association appears to support the Hero Hunter and invites Garou to join their ranks once again. Unfortunately, Garou declines their offer once again. Before Genos could use his Incineration Cannons on Garou again, Bang kicks Garou. Bang confronts Garou, while Bomb deals with the Monster Association monsters. The former master and student take their respective stances before finally initiating their fight.

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