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"To The Limit" (出し尽くす, Dashi Tsukusu, Tonari: 123) is the 82nd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Garou continues to be attacked by the heroes. He thinks back to a time when the cartoon hero, Justice Man, fought a crab demon and beat the monster with the help of other heroes. Chain'n'toad wraps his chain around Garou's ankle to restrict his movement as Smile Man launches another attack, but Garou redirects the ball to take out Chain'n'toad. Afterwards, he separates the ball from Smile Man's kendama and launches the ball towards Gun Gun, knocking him out. Wild Horn attempts to bring the situation back under control, but just becomes a meat shield for Garou. Glasses and Stinger run to help, but Garou simply uses Glasses's attacks to knock out Shooter. Garou then runs straight toward Stinger as a diversion as he uses roots to disorient the heroes and knock out Smile Man. Death Gatling tries opening fire on Garou, but Garou eventually uses Glasses as a meat shield. Stinger tries to help Glasses, but he and Glasses are quickly taken out by Garou. Death Gatling takes the opportunity to finish off Garou and unleashes a barrage of bullets, but to his surprise, Garou deflects all of the bullets. Shortly after, Garou knocks out Death Gatling. Unfortunately, before Garou could rest, Genos arrives because of a support request signal sent by Glasses.

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