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"Willpower" (意地, Iji, Tonari: 122) is the 81st chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Garou asks Tareo for the hero catalog to identify each one of the heroes outside his shack. After identifying all of the heroes, he proceeds to exit the shack. Death Gatling tells Garou that they are here to capture him, but Garou retorts that with Death Gatling and his group, the hero hunt will surpass 100 heroes. Gun Gun quickly opens fire on Garou, but Garou easily dodges and attempts to counterattack. However, he is forced to dodge again because of Stinger's attack. Stinger's attack is quickly followed up with Arrow Rain from Shooter, which Garou also manages to dodge. Chain'n'toad begins the next wave of attacks as Smile Man attacks from above and Wild Horn attacks from behind. Gun Gun manages to land a hit as tries to attack Wild Horn. Stinger follows up and manages to cut Garou's arm. Garou notices that Glasses lack of action, but is then hit by Chain'n'toad's weapon and attacked by Smile Man again. Chain'n'toad uses his Ear Cutter technique, but failed to injure Garou a second time. Smile Man and Chain'n'toad proceed to continuously barrage Garou before the Human Monster has any time to recover. Arrow Rain comes down as Smile Man, Chain'n'toad, and Gun Gun attack all at once. Despite twisting in the air, Garou is hit by two of the arrows. Glasses resupplies Shooter before Garou tries to go after the hero. Glasses manages to dodge Garou's initial attack and lands a hit on Garou as the Hero Hunter is distracted by the heroes behind him and the pebbles thrown by Glasses. Afterwards, Death Gatling gives Garou one last chance to surrender.

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