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"Surrounded" (包囲, Hōi, Tonari: 121) is the 80th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Genos is fully repaired by Dr. Kuseno, who spent the whole night fixing him. Genos thanks him for his efforts and states he will never lose again, to which Dr. Kuseno tells Genos to be careful and not do anything reckless. The Monster Association leaked the information to the public media about the captured hostage and the announced war between them and the Hero Association, and fear spreads among the public. Metal Knight is discussing with Child Emperor about a proposed plan to destroy the Monster Association hideout by killing all the monsters, including the hostage, but as the idea was rejected by the Hero Association, Metal Knight refused to join the mission, much to Child Emperor's annoyance. As the news spread, many monsters decide to join the Monster Association and headed towards their hideout, only to be killed by Saitama, who was late for the garbage truck.

Tareo and his friends were discussing about how someone has been using their secret hut in a park. When they arrived, Tareo was bullied into entering the hut to tell the person to leave. As Tareo enters the hut, much to his surprise, he encounters Garou. Tareo explains to Garou that he has to leave the hut, but Garou figures that Tareo was bullied into it. Outside, Death Gatling has formed a team of A and B-Class heroes to ambush Garou and told the children to leave. Inside, Garou tells Tareo that if he wants to stand up to his friends he has to become strong, which Tareo already knew. Garou then sensed killing instinct and concluded he was surrounded and asks Tareo for the hero catalog.

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