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"You Mean This Guy?" (それコイツ, Sore Koitsu, Tonari: 8) is the eighth chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Armored Gorilla rushes to attack Genos, who easily blocks his attack and notices a large being walking towards Saitama. Beast King looms over Saitama and congratulates Ground Dragon, who has popped out of the ground, for incapacitating him. Genos then starts to run to Saitama's aid, but Armored Gorilla grabs his shoulder, Genos then turns and blasts Armored Gorilla away and begins to run to Saitama again, but jumps back as Armored Gorilla leaps in front of him and smashes the ground. As Armored Gorilla is getting out of the hole to confront Genos, Beast King is standing angrily in front of Saitama who is yawning because the ground is comfortable, Beast King then leans down and threatens to scratch out Saitama's eyes, so Saitama simply steps out of the ground.

Beast King gets very angry and attacks Saitama, who dodges the attack easily, dodging the next several attacks with ease as well. During one of his attacks, Beast King accidentally kills Slugerous and Frog Man. Beast King becomes enraged and sends a flurry of attacks at Saitama who weaves his way through the attacks and kills Beast King with a chain of punches. Ground Dragon gets scared and starts to dig away, but Saitama appears in front of him and then punches him out of the ground and into the sky, Saitama then notices Genos who is standing over a defeated Armored Gorilla. Genos is asking Armored Gorilla about the House of Evolution, but he refuses, saying that Genos will be stopped by Beast King. At that point, Saitama walks over and shows Armored Gorilla Beast King's severed eye, so Armored Gorilla gives in and agrees to tell them everything.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Slugerous (cover and death)
  2. Saitama (cover)
  3. Frog Man (cover and death)
  4. Genos (cover)
  5. Armored Gorilla (cover)
  6. Beast King (debut and death)
  7. Ground Dragon (debut and death)


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