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"Infinite Combo" (ハメ技, Hame-waza, Tonari: 120) is the 79th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


At the headquarters of the Hero Association, the staff discuss the information that Drive Knight uncovered about the Monster Association. Suddenly, a staff member bursts into the conference room with a message from the Monster Association. It is revealed that staff member is the host of a parasitic monster. Gyoro Gyoro provides a message for the executives of the Hero Association. Gyoro Gyoro asks the executives to not attack their living area and wishes to have a co-existing society between monsters and humans. However, this all just a ploy as Destrochloridium kills one of the executives. Gyoro Gyoro proceeds to reveal their real intent which is a war between the groups with their very best. Destrochloridium prepares to attack after Gyoro Gyoro finished its message, but Superalloy Darkshine arrives in time and effortlessly kills Destrochloridium. Afterwards, Darkshine calms down the executives and asserts that the ones that need to worry are the enemy. At the Monster Association Headquarters, the monsters discuss their plan. Awakened Cockroach is eaten by Orochi for losing to Genos and to assert his authority. Do-S was also at risk of being killed, but is spared for her abilities. Garou wakes up after being knocked out by Saitama and encounters Death Gatling, but decides to call it a day and goes to get some rest. Meanwhile, King dominates Saitama in a fighting game. Gyoro Gyoro discovers that Gouketsu was killed and believes that the fight will be harder than originally thought.

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