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"Bored As Usual" (いつも通りの退屈, Itsumodōri no taikutsu, Tonari: 118) is the 77th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Saitama is reflecting on himself when he happens to meet King in a deserted street. Saitama and King share a deep conversation and the latter gives some insightful advice to him. King tells Saitama that though he may be the most powerful hero, he is still not the best hero. King invites Saitama to play video games and promises to play with only two fingers, which perks the latter.

Meanwhile an injured Garou has fled after losing to Watchdog Man. Garou believes that while his techniques were designed for human beings, Watchdog Man fought like a quadruped, and coupled with his power, he managed to overcome Garou's attacks with little difficulty. Garou comes across Saitama and King, and he decides to attack the latter. Before Garou could pounce on King, Saitama kicks him and sends him crashing into a brick wall. Saitama tells King that he hopes to face the Human Monster (who unknown to Saitama is actually Garou) someday and that he may turn out stronger than Saitama.

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  • In the Volume Release, this chapter's title was swapped with the title of Chapter 76.


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