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"Foul Play" (反則, Hansoku, Tonari: 116) is the 75th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


After hearing Suiryu's cry for help, Saitama comes to his rescue and confronts Bakuzan. Bakuzan taunts Saitama and brags about his strength before angrily recounting his Charanko identity, much to the latter's confusion. Then Bakuzan launches a series of attacks on Saitama but they have no effect. Meanwhile Saitama tries to recall where he met Bakuzan but is unable to do so. Nevertheless, he effortlessly kills Bakuzan with one punch.

Saitama introduces himself to Suiryu. The latter thanks Saitama and warns him of the Monster Association. He also asks Saitama to hide from Gouketsu. Upon learning that Gouketsu was a martial arts master, Saitama proceeds to follow after the monster. Suiryu tries to stop him, but fails. Suiryu states that there will be more people that will need Saitama in the future. Elsewhere, Genos retreats after being one shotted by Gouketsu.

Meanwhile, Saitama kills Gouketsu with a punch. Moments later, Gouketsu's decapitated head comes flying into the stadium and lands in front of Suiryu. Saitama requests the dumbfounded Suiryu to keep his participation in the tournament a secret. Suiryu tells Saitama that he wants to become a great hero. He asks Saitama to take him as a disciple but the hero bluntly refuses.

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